Spiritual Direction

A Spiritual Director is a soul companion, someone who prayers for you and with you, offering time, attention and conversation in a holy close safe relationship that honors your relationshipwith God. This relationship may include attention to your prayer life, dream life,  human relationships, your relationship with the natural world, your sexuality, health, creative work, etc.

Spiritual Direction is not therapy, although Rev. Bonnie honors the intertwining and interconnectionsof our spiritual and psychological souls. Like therapy, it is set up with one on one sessions for the individual or regular set times for group sessions. Rev. Bonnie has studied many religious traditions and honorsall world religions and is most familiar with the Christian traditions of spiritual formation. 

She offers both individual and group spiritual direction and these session are usually about an hour and a half, about once a month put more regularly is an option. The fee is on a sliding scale and a suggested fee is $100 for a session.