“The artist finds his or her fulfillment in being a special agent of celebration and justice making, of healing and awe naming.  Arts are the least expensive, the most fun, and the deepest form of healing that human kind has at its disposal.”     Creation Spirituality Matthew Fox

Advocating for  the creative process as  spiritual practice I know that whether we call it, "Art Therapy" "Arts Ministry" or "Art and Spirituality" we are entering the same sacred portal. Having worked in the arts for many years,   I  celebrate the  healing and spiritual power of all the arts.  Working as a theater director and drama teacher before I was ordained, I continue to direct play in churches.  In dream groups, workshops and counseling one on one, I encourage drawing, painting, guided meditations, singing and music and theater improve.  Creating rituals, altars, cooking and party giving all use our creative gifts. The  arts heal and transform us.